Monday, October 1, 2012

My Favorite Little Green Monster

My raw food loving friend Lisa invited me to her house awhile back to play around with some raw recipes.  I was definitely not a raw foodie at the a matter of fact, I was tossing back 2 happy meals a day and filling my body full of all sorts of processed, pasteurized, and pesticide loaded food.  I DID, however, enjoy cooking and trying new things, and making cream cheese out of cashews and chocolate pudding out of avocados was definitely new for me :-) For breakfast we juiced.  Although I loved the juice I didn't love the cleanup and thought, "I cannot see myself doing this everyday." So my juice-making days started and ended at Lisa's house that day.

Ever since I started my new food life I have been hinting at a Vitamix for my birthday/Christmas gift from my mom, dad, fiance, grandma, and anyone else who, I knew, would feel obligated to get me something.  I think they all thought I was on crack for asking for a $500 blender.  Another friend of mine looked at me and shook her head as if I had just set women/the feminist movement back 50 years.  No one understood that this wasn't JUST a was a game changer.

Then, one day I was sitting on the couch with my mom and this infomercial popped up advertising this Nutribullet.  It claimed to break down the cell wall of the fruits and vegetables yada yada yada just like the Vitamix.  I was skeptical, but I hopped online and started reading one amazing review after another.  I hopped online, reserved one at Bed Bath and Beyond (which is the best place to get one because it was only $80.00 with my 20% off coupon versus $130 on TV).  The next morning we went to go pick it up and the manager told us they couldn't keep the things on the shelf.

I LOVE it! It isn't a Vitamix in that you can't use it like a food processor.  Once you put something in there, it's liquidized, no pulsing to chop etc.  It also doesn't hold as much, so if you want to make an entire raw cheesecake you might be doing so in batches.  That being said, if you want the juice without the juicing this baby is perfect!

Tropical Green Monster
- 2 handfuls spinach
- 1/2 banana or 1/4 avocado
- 1/2 c fresh pineapple
- 1/2 fuji apple
- 1/2 pear
- 1 T Flax seed
- 1 c. coconut water
-1/2 c filtered water (or an extra 1/2 c coconut water)

Place all ingredients in blender and well....blend
I also like to pour some into Popsicle molds to enjoy later as a healthy frozen treat :-)

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