Snack Attack

They don't call it an attack for nothing...THIS is the thing that most don't plan for! This is the thing that leads to the demise of many a diet! "Oh?" says your stomach, "so you've planned for breakfast, lunch, and dinner have you? Well what about those hours in between?" At some point its going to hit you when you least expect it.  And, if you aren't prepared, you could make some bad choices.  So, that being said, here are a list of snacks I enjoy keeping handy.  Leave no corner unturned: drawer in the office, car console, purse, home.  If you plan strategically, when hunger strikes, you'll be ready for it!
I am not a big fan of those little 100 calorie pack crackers and cookies for a couple reasons.  First, they have no nutritional value so although they are only 100 calories, they are an empty 100 calories.  Second, if you start to think up some other snacks that YOU can put together you will start to realize you can get a lot more bang for your calories.  Third, they are imposters.  I mean can you really look at that little brown waifer and put the name Oreo next to it?  And what are those little white flecks? Are those supposed to be representative of my double stuffed frosting goodness?!! Pulease! Don't insult my taste bud's intelligence! Here are some snacks that I prefer:

- Almonds
- Beef and/or Chicken Jerky
- A popped 100 cal bag of popcorn
- Carrots and Hummus (I love Athenos Roasted Red Pepper)
- Pretzels (can be eaten plain or dipped in mustard, honey mustard, or PB2)
- Celery, apples, and PB2 (if you haven't heard of the miracle that is PB2 do yourself a favor and check out the Products I'm Lovin' tab)
-  Sugar-Free Popsicle
- Sugar Free Jello
- Light String Cheese
- Edamame
- Applesauce (no sugar added)
- Dill pickle wrapped with deli ham and dipped in yellow mustard (this is Rachel Ray's idea, so good for a crunchy/salty fix)
- Pouch of pre made tuna salad, 6 grapes, 6 wheat thins

Links for more great snack ideas:
Rachel Ray

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